Lyle Wallentine

50917 E. Dixon Lake Rd.

Squaw Lake, MN. 56681


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Designing and building your dreams. 

My design process doesn’t end at the drafting table. Instead, it’s carried into the field where I refine every detail to accomplish the vision that is your custom build.  My design-build strategy allows clients, architectural designer, and builder to become unified in their custom vision. Together client and builder combining my refined eye for artistic detail with your vision.  My design-build service draws on the talents, skills exceeding the highest expectations of even the most discerning clients with all of your needs and budget in mind.  My key objective is to bring your dream to life with as little stress and you will find my design-build process is the most seamless, efficient means and I will make that happen.

Lake side Addition
4 bedroom Home
Tree House
Lake side Addition
4000 S.F
Lake Home